DS Voice Analytics

DS-Voice Analytics

DS-Voice Analytics uses Artificial Intelligence to analyse and process audio files. Intelligent decision making and analysis on audio assets. Uses keywords specific to a case / operation to trigger notifications and direct investigation teams. Includes DS-Justice for legal and police cases.

How it Works

Follow an example of DS-Voice Analytics assessing audio files.

Voice Analytics in action

DS-Voice Analytics can be used wherever audio files need to be processed. Files can be analysed individually or batch uploaded for automatic processing. The system integrates with 3rd party applications such as voice recorders and intelligence platforms.


Automate the analysis of audio recordings to direct investigators to relevant information.

Interviews & Notes

Automate the transcription of  interviews and case notes with alerts and edit / management.


QA and Training

Analyse control room audio for Quality Assurance and training purposes to ensure agents follow internal processes.


DS Justice: Voice Analytics is designed specifically for use in law Enforcement. Pre-configured keywords for criminal justice case and crime types are used for transcription and notifications.



Quick analysis and decision making of audio assets. Analysis based on case / offence types.



Trigger alerts and notifications on matched keywords and phrases. Positive and negative alerts.


Easy to Use

Simple user interface supports both adhoc and automated use. Editing and publishing of transcriptions for disclosure purposes.



Integrates with voice recording and analytics software. Data made available for analysis in other systems.



Generate audio transcripts using templates and forms. Innovative editor for improving transcripts including full audit trail.

secure cloud

Secure cloud service. Scales from single use to automated bulk processing of audio files.

Award Winning Technology

We are an IBM Partner and have been nominated for one of their prestigious awards. Watch this space…

We Integrate with Intelligence Platforms.

DS Justice: Voice Analytics identifies POLE data which can be exported to intelligence platforms for use in analyst desktops.

We work with partners

Chorus Intelligence, the digital intelligence and investigation software provider, and DS-Justice, the voice forensic analytics company, have announced a new partnership to deliver advanced audio analysis capabilities to the law enforcement industry.


Speed up intelligence gathering, decision making and report writing.

Allows investigating officers to quickly assess information and make decisions. Automatic transcription reduces administration for producing documents and case notes.


Match case specific keywords and identify POLE data.


Intuitive editor to edit / correct transcriptions. 


Full audit trail in line with MOPI guidelines.


Supports automatic analysis of large volumes of data.

We are built on experience.

DS Voice and DS Justice are subsidiaries of DS Compliance, the creators of the award winning DS Dash: GDPR platform – a single point of reference for Compliance and Cyber Security management.

Who We Are

The DS Justice board has extensive experience supporting law enforcement, legal compliance and IT. 

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